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          Hi there!

          We are Vic and Josh, a photo video team and husband and wife duo. We live in little old Lincoln, NE but our jobs often take us around the world to capture stories of people, like you! We’re all about candid moments, good stories and grand adventures. What we love more than anything is meeting new people and discovering new places both near and far. Focusing on moments as they happen means we get to capture the real stuff, the emotion you will want to see every time you look back at these memories for years to come.

          Our Story
          We’re Vic & Josh. We’ve been best friends since 7th grade when we were awkward, goofy middle schoolers who stole each others oranges and challenged each other in four square. As we continued on through middle school and high school Josh challenged me and taught me so much about what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus. When we realized how well we worked together, we fell for each other quickly and we began our adventure. Since then God has been so faithful in our relationship and has used us tremendously in each other’s lives. We got married in the summer of 2016 and we’ve been doing life together and traveling around the world ever since!
          God has grown us both a ton over the past few years, as creatives and as people. Josh is now the Creative Director at The Hope Venture, a non-profit here in Lincoln, NE, run by his family. Since being married we’ve had the blessing of going to both India and Africa. It was there that we realized our love for people and telling their stories. As we built relationships with locals and became part of what The Hope Venture is doing, we saw how much God could use us and the skills he has given us. We still travel to Kenya and India as much as we can, and now are growing our skills here in the states by telling stories of love. I’m not sure that it’s what either of us ever expected us to do but goodness, we love every second of it. 
          Thanks for being part of our story, for allowing us to live this dream and be a team together. We have no idea where this might lead us, but for now we are taking it one day at a time and doing our best to live freely and lightly.