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          We are Vic + Josh.

          Hey i'm Victoria, but my friends call me Vic. I get to do life with my best friend, Josh. Together we’re…we’ll ya you guessed it…Vic + Josh! We’re based out of Lincoln, NE but travel loads and loads. We met in the seventh grade, I schooled him at basketball during recess and he made me a flip-flop repair kit after flat tiring me in the hallway. He’s always been incredibly creative and a huge goof ball. If it wan’t for him, I wouldn’t be here doing this. Not only does his love for me and his creative perspective on the world inspire so much of what I do, but I would’ve never had the courage to pursue photography if it wasn’t for him. There’s a print in my office from him (and @lovewelllettering) that reads “I hope you believe that your capable, brave and significant-even when it feels like you’re not”. I truly mean it when I say that I would’ve never had the guts to start my own business (or two!) without him. Our photos from our travels, wedding, first time cutting down our Christmas tree, they are the ones I treasure most.

          So I’m guessing that’s why you’re here. You’ve found someone who makes you giggle until you get the hiccups or encourages you to tackle wild and crazy goals. Well, it’s an honor that you came here. We’d be thrilled to document that.

          Your moments deserve to be documented, and that’s what we want for you.

          How This Crazy Thing Started

          In 2016, Josh and I got married on a little donkey farm south of our hometown, Lincoln. One month later, we packed our bags and flew halfway across the world to Kenya. Our goal on this trip was to see the work The Hope Venture was doing there and lead a retreat for a few Kenyan high school students. We were blown away by the work God was doing there and we continued to find ourselves saying “if people could just see the work they’re doing or meet these people, they would want to join in and doing whatever they could to help”. As a journalism student, I knew the importance of telling stories well. But we knew that without being able to show people, these stories wouldn’t make quite the same impact.
          This was the kickstart of our passion for The Hope Venture (where Josh now works full-time as the creative director) and our drive for learning how to tell stories well. Fast forward to 2020, we now have helped led 8 teams to India, Kenya, and Uganda and run Vic + Josh stateside. As it turns out, our desire to document moments that matter stretches beyond the Massai tribe and the people of Jawadu Hills—we’re passionate about your stories too. We had the joy of documenting love stories, milestone moments for growing families and high school students with their best friends and proudest memories.  

          Moments that Mean Something

          Sunday Night Dinner with our friends, camping, snowboarding and a really good breakfast spot are just a few of our favorite pastimes.

          We travel often, for work and for pleasure so we aren’t home all that often. When we are, we live in a crazy beautiful mid-century house owned by some of our very best friends who are missionaries in Guatemala. We’ve made it a goal for this space to be a hub where people feel welcome, cared for and inspired. We recently started a Thursday morning coffee club—ask us about it. :)

          With all that being said, it’s our goal to be rooted. To live a life that is free + light but one of great purpose. Here is a collection of images that remind us why we do what we do, that inspire us to document not only our stories but yours, too.