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          There is room for you at the table.

          IN-DEPTH MENTORING | $1,200

          Together we will walk through your whole process start to finish. We’ll get together for coffee and make a list of all the areas you’d like to work on + learn. We can do this in one whole day or over a few weeks.

          Topics can range from finding and attracting your dream client, marketing, messaging, tools, blogging etc. Ask me ANYTHING!

          You can choose from photographing a session together or having brand photos taken of you! You’ll see how I interact, direct, and make my clients comfortable. I’ll guide you & give you feedback as we go! 

          *Not a photographer? Totally fine! We’ll still have plenty to cover.

          MINI MENTOR SESSION | $450

          In this two hour Q&A style session, we’ll focus on specific questions you have when it comes to photography and/or running a business.

          Topics can range from finding and attracting your dream client, marketing, messaging, editing, tools, blogging etc. Ask me ANYTHING! 

          *Not a photographer? Totally fine! We’ll still have plenty to cover.

          PHOTOGRAPHY 101 | $800

          Learning to dive into photography but need the extra push to learn manual? In this six week course, you’ll learn to master: settings, lighting, framing, posing, marketing, and storytelling. We’ll meet in person or over zoom for one hour each week and you’ll have weekly assignments to submit. Feel free to split this package with a friend or take it 1 on 1! Make sure you have the margin for 3-5 hours outside of class each week.


          Request a Mentorship Session

          Please note, availability will depend on the season.



          Staring a new business was daunting. Creating a strong and engaging online presence was even more terrifying. Victoria totally saved the day. She shifted my focus from how can I sell to how can I serve. With this new mindset, she helped me to create an inviting user-friendly website and social media copy that speak service! She willfully shared all her social media engagement tips and tricks that have transformed my engagement numbers. I went from overwhelmed to overjoyed about marketing, all thanks to Victoria!




          I've talked about wanting to learn photography for years but have always put it off for one reason or another. I thought I was too old to learn or that it would take too much time. During the slowdown of COVID-19, my wife and I were challenged to learn or try something new while we were quarantined so I decided now was the time. My previous experience was taking a few shots with my iPhone and I was never happy with the way they turned out. It was great to have Victoria give me a personal learning experience without judging me on the fact that I didn't know what iso, aperture or shutter speed was, or how it affected what I wanted to get a picture of! I looked forward to each lesson with her because she was great at explaining what each of these things meant and then gave me homework to prove that I could adjust my settings to get the photo I wanted. Victoria would then sit down with me and go through the photos to explain what was good and what needed improvement along with other tips. I now have the knowledge and skills to continue improving my photography on my own and look forward to being able to document some great memories of my new grandson and future vacations!